Table Legend

SNP sequences identified between Canton S and Oregon R strains that are isogenic for the indicated chromosomes. Identified SNPs are listed according to the STS from which they were derived. Each STS is linked to a report with the sequence and additional information. For each SNP entry, the approximate cytological location and ~10 bp of sequence flanking the polymorphic site are indicated. Cytological locations are derived from the P1-based genome physical map (Kimmerly et al. 1996). "Nucleotide Position" refers to nucleotide positions within sequence assemblies and is included to provide relative, rather than absolute, positions for each polymorphism; the IUB ambiguity code is included here. The position(s) of the dimorphic base(s) are indicated by dashes. For clustered SNPs, adjacent dimorphic bases are indicated by underscores within the flanking sequence. The identity of the dimorphic base(s) or inserted/deleted bases for each SNP is listed for each strain. The corresponding Phred quality scores for the dimorphic bases are also listed; the scores for sequence traces representing the forward and reverse strands are indicated where available, and are separated by a slash. Deleted bases are represented by asterisks. SNPs that are represented by sequence traces on both strands and with higher Phred scores are more reliable.