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Release 5 Genomic Sequence Downloads


Chromosome Arm Genomic Sequences Updated March 29, 2006

These datafiles contain the finished genomic sequences of the long chromosome arms\*, as well as nonredundant scaffolds from the heterochromatin.
Entire Dataset (gzipped tar) Release Notes and File Contents

\*Note: These long chromosome arms are not strictly euchromatin; 4.7Mb extends into the heterochromatin (1.5Mb further than release 4). Please visit the Drosophila Heterochromatin Genome Project for more information.
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The Berkeley Drosophila Genome Project (BDGP) is a consortium of the Drosophila Genome Center (funded by the National Human Genome Research Institute, National Cancer Institute, and the Department of Energy), and the Howard Hughes Medical Institute (through its support of work in the Gerald Rubin, Allan Spradling, Roger Hoskins, Hugo Bellen, Susan Celniker, and Gary Karpen laboratories). The Drosophila Heterochromatin Genome Project is part of th Drosophila Genome Center (DGC) located at the Lawrence Berkeley National Labaratory in Berkeley, CA. The DHGP is also funded by the National Human Genome Research Institute.