Neural Network Promoter Prediction

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PLEASE NOTE: This server runs the 1999 NNPP version 2.2 (March 1999) of the promoter predictor.

Enter a DNA sequence to find possible transcription promoters

Type of organism: prokaryote eukaryote
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Cut and paste your sequence(s) here: Use single-letter nucleotides: (A, C, G, T).
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Please be patient--promoter prediction takes about 10 seconds per kilobase.

Training set: Our training and test sets of human and Drosophila melanogaster promoter sequences are available to the community for testing transcription start site predictors. These sites also contain our representative, standardized data sets of human and Drosophila melanogaster genes.

Publications: Reese MG, 2001. ``Application of a time-delay neural network to promoter annotation in the Drosophila melanogaster genome'', Comput Chem 26(1),51-6.

Reese MG, 2000. ``Computational prediction of gene structure and regulation in the genome of Drosophila melanogaster'', PhD Thesis (PDF), UC Berkeley/University of Hohenheim.

Promoter prediction code by Martin G. Reese; web interface by Nomi Harris.